Mulesoft Anypoint for DevOps

Increase the value of DevOps with API-driven connectivity.

Unite DevOps and APIs to get optimal agility and progress!

In today’s competitive, hyperactive business environment, the most successful companies are those that respond most quickly and decisively to ever-changing market demands. As a result, the DevOps approach has become the preferred practice as organizations quickly adopt the new model and make the critical cultural shift required to implement it.

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A DevOps approach enables organizations to increase speed, agility and quality while minimizing disruption. It is an attempt to combine development and IT operations to get the best of both worlds. This ensures that IT can meet the needs of the business. And it also promotes innovation, which is so important for competitive differentiation.

However, this approach must be accompanied by a holistic understanding of the interaction between technology, processes and teams. During the transition, organizations have learned that DevOps can be very complex to manage and execute effectively. They have also recognized the importance of API strategies in doing so. Effective use of APIs can help organizations deliver greater business value through accelerated innovation while maintaining appropriate control over their resources.

APIs and DevOps are the ideal partners!

APIs unlock core systems so that cross-functional teams can become more independent and build their own solutions using self-service tools and by reusing existing resources. This allows the development team to focus on adding new resources, improving existing resources, and scaling the network effect of those resources.

In addition, teams across the enterprise can use APIs to access existing data and leverage it for other projects. Faster, more efficient and cost-effective discovery allows teams to reuse data that might not otherwise have been available. This leads to more agility and innovation.

The overall result of combining DevOps and APIs is that companies can bring new products to market faster, increase agility and innovation, and gain a competitive advantage – while reducing errors, failure rates, and inefficiencies.


Faster implementation of applications

3-4 times faster application deployment

Faster time to market

94% of IT executives say APIs help them bring new products and services to market faster.

Increase in revenue

50% of Salesforce’s revenue is generated through APIs.
90% of Expedia’s revenue is generated through APIs.
60% of eBay’s revenue is generated through APIs.

DevOps is more than a technology change. It's a change in mindset and work culture!

Adopting DevOps requires a profound cultural shift – a shift that requires rethinking IT processes, technology, and how people work. Central IT professionals need to change their mindset to enable reusable, self-managed usage: Every asset they create must be discoverable so developers and business users can find and use it. Those who develop applications and other resources need to change their mindset to thinking about creating resources that can be used by others in the organization.

It’s a dramatic shift from a production environment to an efficient production plus use and reuse environment. It’s a model that prevents duplicate assets from sitting in silos where they can’t be discovered and reused, and encourages use and reuse across the enterprise.

When you create discoverable assets that can be quickly leveraged by corporate IT, partner developers, and internal developers, the faster your company can innovate. You can accelerate time to market, capitalize on new business opportunities, differentiate yourself from the competition, and build a scalable foundation for the future.


Development is the first step, progress the second, ideal application the third!

With an API-driven connectivity approach, companies can create building blocks that can be assembled and reassembled for greater flexibility and speed. You can reuse these building blocks to quickly create new services and make them connectable and reusable for those who have access. This means that teams can assemble, reassemble, and adapt the building blocks to meet changing needs. They can also speed up deployment by eliminating the work required to build projects and processes from scratch.

With its API-based connectivity approach, the MuleSoft Anypoint platform helps organizations manage and execute DevOps more effectively. It supports practices such as CI/CD with functionality for the entire API lifecycle. It exposes assets as each becomes a managed API discoverable through self-service. It drives business innovation and improves the bottom line by providing control in an environment that is still tightly secured by the central IT department.

How to make the most of DevOps!

Anypoint Platform provides a unified suite of design, management and runtime capabilities
that allows you to:

Accelerate development

Close the IT delivery gap by replacing the traditional project-based approach with one that enables IT to create reusable assets.

Increase efficiency

Easily unlock data with Anypoint Platform's pre-built connectors and automatic data mapping. Recommendations based on machine learning are improving over time.

Improved reliability

Anypoint APIs adhere to standards (e.g., HTTP, REST, JSON) that are developer-friendly, language-independent, and easily accessible and commonly understood by developers.

Mitigate data risks

Anypoint APIs provide a single point of entry for all data sources. Because they are secure out of the box, credentials are signed and regulated: security and governance are built right into the platform.

Microservices support

Microservices + Anypoint = faster development.

Connecting legacy systems and SaaS applications with microservices

API-powered connectivity enables easier integration of legacy systems and SaaS applications into microservices.

Minimize interruption

API-managed microservices are well suited for customer-facing processes because they reduce the risk of disruption during updates.

Leverage your entire IT investment

APIs save costs and enable the rapid integration of microservices.

Faster innovation

Inefficiencies and waste in processes can increase the cost of developing new products and services.

MuleSoft Anypoint provides key features to get more out of DevOps.

Artemis Innovations supports you in implementing the strategies, technologies and best practices.

Today, speed is one of the most important characteristics that determine the success of a company. It is critical when it comes to launching new products, establishing new global presences, changing existing processes and bringing in new partners – all faster than the competition. DevOps can play an important role in this, but you need to proceed with the right strategies, technologies and processes.

Our team brings together a rare blend of DevOps, integration, and Anypoint expertise and can help your organization get the best results from your DevOps initiative. Our consultants working with you can guide you through the process every step of the way.

Learn more about MuleSoft solutions from Artemis Innovations:

MuleSoft Anypoint for:

API management

Manage the API, monitor and analyze usage, control access, and protect sensitive data with security policies.

Business Automation

Tap into data from any system and automate workflows to transform your business.

Data integration

Combine batch and real-time processing for application and data integration, no matter how complex your systems.


As the leading IPaaS integration platform, this fully cloud-based solution leverages the benefits of the cloud while providing secure connectivity to on-premises systems.

Anypoint Platform also helps with large cross-functional projects:

360 degree view

Use APIs to build a 360-degree customer view that enables you to understand the entire customer journey, anticipate their needs, and deepen relationships.

Modernization of legacy systems

Modernize legacy applications and SOA web services by exposing them as APIs. Connect legacy systems up to 5 times faster, reduce maintenance costs by up to 66%, and accelerate digital actions.


Pursue an API-driven omnichannel connectivity approach to deliver a unified, seamless customer experience three times faster.


Launch an e-commerce platform 2.5 times faster with pre-built connectors and integration templates. Ensure high performance and scalability

The Cloud

Enable fast, seamless cloud migration with APIs that connect cloud applications to on-premises systems. Develop cloud applications faster and reduce maintenance costs by up to 66%.

MuleSoft Services

Benefit from our MuleSoft Anypoint expertise

We are not just technicians. We are also business people. We know your challenges, and we understand your goals. In addition, we have in-depth knowledge of the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, which allows us to provide unparalleled expertise on the platform’s features. And we take a collaborative approach that makes the most effective use of resources and maximizes the value of your overall integration initiative.

The integration and MuleSoft consulting services we offer include:


Integration strategy

We help you get a clear picture of your integration capabilities, develop a solid integration strategy, create a detailed roadmap for achieving your goals, and provide guidance on how to get results quickly.


Integration architecture

We help you optimize your integration architecture to get the most out of the Anypoint Platform in combination with your other technologies.


Integration consulting

Our comprehensive end-to-end integration services help you connect and integrate systems and data sources, eliminate silos, and provide fast and secure access to information.


Support and optimization of integration

Our platform experts provide integration support when you need it, including troubleshooting and monitoring of various systems.

We are an official MuleSoft partner:

The future of integration and API management

MuleSoft is such a platform, and its features go beyond traditional API management. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the future of integration and API management with MuleSoft.

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