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Are your legacy systems holding you back?

There are so many things you want to accomplish. For example, maybe you want to provide the best omnichannel customer experience possible. You may want to improve B2B collaboration and enable a more efficient and intelligent supply chain. Perhaps your goal is to make business processes simpler, faster and more reliable, thereby increasing productivity, satisfaction and profitability. You may want to provide better visibility and insight to drive innovation, mitigate risk, and improve performance. Maybe it’s about all of that, too.

You know you need to improve your technology to achieve all this – but you’re being slowed down by slow, inflexible and inefficient legacy systems. You are not alone there. In a recent survey, 90% of IT decision makers said legacy systems are preventing their organizations from leveraging digital technologies to become more efficient and innovative. In addition to the operational disadvantages, legacy systems can represent a huge drain on human and financial resources. It is widely recognized that legacy systems consume about 80% of IT spend in many organizations.

With huge advances in speed and functionality, huge changes in expectations, and the introduction of processes that weren’t even foreseeable when these systems were purchased, you need to figure out how to leverage these existing systems to meet modern demands – despite tight budgets and limited resources.

Business Automation

APIs help you leverage past experience to drive future innovation.

IT modernization is an important goal for any organization looking to adopt new technologies, accelerate innovation, and meet today’s customer demands. By modernizing from predecessor systems, you improve your flexibility to respond to changes in technologies, customer expectations, and market conditions – now and in the future – without wasting all the investments you’ve already made. The fastest and most efficient way to achieve this is through MuleSoft’s API-based connectivity approach.

With this approach, you can quickly connect your key legacy systems – such as mainframes, AS/400s and others – with modern SaaS, cloud and mobile technologies. The MuleSoft Anypoint platform offers a variety of pre-built connectors and templates to make the process quick and easy.

Using APIs, you can quickly share data from your legacy systems in a way that protects their integrity while enabling seamless, secure, and controlled data access and consumption. Authorized users, systems, and devices can effortlessly access information from these systems without requiring specialized system knowledge or skills.


Your legacy systems become a seamless, active part of your overall modern IT landscape, and you avoid the disruption and costs associated with dropping and replacing them. You also move away from the one-off, rigid point-to-point integrations that were previously required to connect these systems and data sources.

Now you can create a flexible and scalable API infrastructure that allows you to easily connect all your data sources, systems and applications. The replacement is faster and easier. In this way, you can reduce integration and maintenance costs, speed up processes, and increase your company’s flexibility.

MuleSoft Anypoint platform accelerates legacy system modernization.

The MuleSoft Anypoint platform accelerates the modernization of legacy systems.

With the Anypoint Platform, you can quickly adapt your legacy systems to modern business requirements and improve your organization’s ability to adopt new technologies and platforms. Most companies report extraordinary benefits, including:

Lower maintenance costs

40-80% less maintenance costs


65% increase in speed on the developer side


Increase in project speed by 66

Our team has extensive experience with MuleSoft Anypoint and legacy system modernization. Over the decades, we have developed the skills, knowledge and best practices to successfully support you in your integration and IT modernization initiatives. Below are some of the benefits we can provide you with the Anypoint platform:

Quickly connect legacy systems

Connect legacy systems to modern endpoints (e.g., SaaS apps, cloud solutions, mobile apps) with a library of pre-built connectors and templates for legacy endpoints, as well as easy drag-and-drop development tools.

Eliminate bottlenecks

Enable business unit IT teams to self-serve with existing systems without the need for specialized IT skills or resources.

Secure release of legacy systems

Protect legacy system data from unauthorized access with a secure-by-design platform. Protect your business from security risks and the massive impact of data breaches

Reduce maintenance and administration costs by up to 66

Simplify integration and application maintenance by eliminating fragile point-to-point integrations and leveraging a unified management console.

Eliminate duplication of effort through findability and reuse

Make data and services from legacy systems easily accessible and usable for business and IT users. Enable teams to easily discover, reuse, and customize APIs to meet new and changing requirements.

Improve visibility

Provide central IT and operations teams with comprehensive visibility into access and usage. Provide operational monitoring, visibility, and governance for your systems and APIs. Gain detailed insights to improve performance and results.

Future-proof architecture

Create integration resources that can be moved from legacy systems to the cloud over time. Get flexible deployment options and support for an evolving architecture that increases long-term IT and business agility.

Improvement of the operating hours

With all these features, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform helps you modernize your legacy technology to better utilize your IT resources, support your business users, and enable your stakeholders to improve performance and results.

Accelerate development

Close the IT delivery gap by replacing the traditional project-based approach with one that enables IT to create reusable assets.

With all these features, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform helps you modernize your legacy technology to better utilize your IT resources, support your business users, and enable your stakeholders to improve performance and results.

MuleSoft supports you in modernizing your legacy systems.

Artemis Innovations helps you accelerate and optimize the benefits of IT modernization.

Through comprehensive integration consulting services, our team can effectively implement the Anypoint solution and help you take full advantage of its extensive capabilities. Our team not only has MuleSoft knowledge, but also years of integration, architecture, and development experience helping companies leverage integration and APIs to streamline, automate, innovate, and transform. We combine technology, business, and industry expertise to help you develop and implement an effective modernization strategy and achieve your goals quickly, effectively, and affordably.

Learn more about MuleSoft solutions from Artemis Innovations:

MuleSoft Anypoint for

API Management

Manage the API, monitor and analyze usage, control access, and protect sensitive data with security policies.

Business Automation

Tap into data from any system and automate workflows to transform your business.

Data integration

Combine batch and real-time processing for application and data integration, no matter how complex your systems.


Transform your business with DevOps best practices such as. CI/CD. Anypoint makes it easy with features that enable you to deploy stable, reliable APIs faster


As the leading IPaaS integration platform, this fully cloud-based solution leverages the benefits of the cloud while providing secure connectivity to on-premises systems.

Anypoint Platform also helps with large cross-functional projects:

The Cloud

Enable fast, seamless cloud migration with APIs that connect cloud applications to on-premises systems. Develop cloud applications faster and reduce maintenance costs by up to 66%.

360 degree view

Use APIs to build a 360-degree customer view that enables you to understand the entire customer journey, anticipate their needs, and deepen relationships.


Pursue an API-driven omnichannel connectivity approach to deliver a unified, seamless customer experience three times faster.


Launch an e-commerce platform 2.5 times faster with pre-built connectors and integration templates. Ensure high performance and scalability

Our MuleSoft services at a glance

Benefit from our MuleSoft Anypoint expertise

We are not just technicians. We are also business people. We know your challenges, and we understand your goals. In addition, we have in-depth knowledge of the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, which allows us to provide unparalleled expertise on the platform’s features. And we take a collaborative approach that makes the most effective use of resources and maximizes the value of your overall integration initiative.

The integration and MuleSoft consulting services we offer include:


Integration strategy

We help you get a clear picture of your integration capabilities, develop a solid integration strategy, create a detailed roadmap for achieving your goals, and provide guidance on how to get results quickly.


Integration architecture

We help you optimize your integration architecture to get the most out of the Anypoint Platform in combination with your other technologies.


Integration consulting

Our comprehensive end-to-end integration services help you connect and integrate systems and data sources, eliminate silos, and provide fast and secure access to information.


Support and optimization of integration

Our platform experts provide integration support when you need it, including troubleshooting and monitoring of various systems.

Let's take your business to the next level together!

We are an official MuleSoft partner:

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