"We're committed to helping you and your organization achieve digital success!"

Why we founded Artemis Innovations

It all started in 2016. Back then, the digitization of companies was already a big topic for both of us, that’s Sebastian Meier and Maximilian Schoen. We got to know each other during a joint Salesforce project and quickly realized what immense potential lay in this innovative multi-cloud solution from Salesforce.

The constant and above all rapid development of Salesforce only made us more curious and spurred us on to gain even more knowledge about the Salesforce platform.
Then after a few years we became Salesforce experts!

At that time, we quickly realized the efficiency with which the Salesforce platform can be adapted to the business processes and customer requirements of individual companies.
However, to get the most out of Salesforce, there was a lack of consultants and partners to help customers implement a customized multi-cloud solution.
Due to our great passion for enterprise digitization, we unceremoniously founded Artemis Innovations GmbH in 2019 to apply our expertise to future projects.

"We truely believe that by supporting these genuinely human potentials, we can transform your software into "smart" technologies!"

We are more than a technology partner

Artemis Innovations is your competitive bird part!

For many years, we have helped hundreds of global and mid-sized companies extract more value from their businesses by optimizing their business processes and realizing the full potential of their technology. Our experienced business and technology experts not only see more opportunities for your business, we have the tools and knowledge to help you get there.

Plan, implement and optimize

of your technology strategies and portfolios

Transform your business

Through unprecedented connectivity between applications, people, data and devices.

Implement innovations faster

through the modernization of legacy systems and the development of new applications

Accelerate the digital transformation

through the use of cloud technologies

Higher agility and reaction speed

through real-time transparency of the supply chain

Improve the customer experience

across all channels by overcoming complexity

Our locations: Munich, Berlin & Budapest

With our locations in Berlin, Munich, Mannheim and Budapest, we are centrally positioned. With or without an appointment, come and visit us.

The Artemis Innvations Story: 2019-today

Every great story starts small. This is ours.

Idee und Findung des Gründerteams
Artemis Innovations wurde gegründet

Sebastian Meier und Maximilian Schoen lernen sich bei einem Werksstudentenjob kennen und gründen einige Jahre später die IT-Beratungsfirma Artemis Innovations in München.

Erweiterung des Management Teams
Neue Partner für Artemis Innovations

Bernhard Schwarzmaier und Christoph Hock werden neue Partner bei Artemis Innovations.

Zweigstelle Ungarn
Artemis eröffnet Niederlassung in Ungarn

Mit Bernadett Dömötör als Niederlassungsleiterin ensteht ein Salesforce Entwicklungshub in Ungarn.

Neues Büro
Das Team wächst, neues Büro und Großkunden

Das Team wächst weiter und somit werden neue Räulichkeiten benötigt.

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Corporate culture

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