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Challenges for the industry

How to stand out from your market competitors

In the digitalized world, entrepreneurial success is no longer based solely on the best products. The customer approach must also set standards on constantly changing channels.

Increase your sales by knowing your customers better

Consumer goods and merchandise must be available to the digitally minded customer regardless of time and place. This not only places enormous demands on the organization of the marketplaces where the products have to be findable. At the same time, this means that customers have to be provided with product information, expertise and services virtually around the clock in order to turn them into regular customers. This works best when everyone in the company knows as much as possible about each individual customer.

In addition, the same information must be available throughout the company to support customers. For example, if a prospective customer receives different information about a product from two different departments, he or she will turn to a different provider in case of doubt. Salesforce ensures that such inconsistencies do not arise in the first place. This is because both cloud-based corporate knowledge and data on individual customers are available to every department quickly, precisely and in identical form.

Salesforce - the perfect knowledge platform for consumer goods and retail companies

But Salesforce is not just the perfect knowledge platform for consumer goods and retail companies. In addition, the Salesforce cloud solution provides the ideal basis for harmonious collaboration between business units. Whether sales needs to know when the next product line will be available for a customer or marketing needs a best-seller list from the last few years for a campaign: Salesforce delivers the answers needed for quick-witted sales and forward-thinking marketing in a fraction of a second.
Salesforce also lets you create razor-sharp forecasts and edit relevant company data to present internally or externally. Quickly and precisely retrievable data minimizes wrong decisions and makes successes more visible – all in the sense of increasing effectiveness, which benefits everyone in the company.

Be present in all marketplaces

With Salesforce, brick-and-mortar retail, sales via Amazon, or inventory in brand outlets can be read and analyzed at the touch of a button so that goods are always securely available.

Knowing earlier what excites the customer

If you don't know anything about your customers these days, you will have a hard time placing the right product in the right market at the right time. Salesforce shows them exactly what makes their customers tick.

Smart handling for successful pricing

It is not always the lowest price that makes a product successful. Often, the additional service that customers want is also decisive. With Salesforce, pricing that hits the mark is possible.

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Increase sales opportunities

Our cloud recommendations for consumer goods and retail companies

Salesforce ensures that products are always where the sales opportunity is highest. This is how potential customers become regular customers.

Increasing sales has never been so easy!

With the right sales tools, your sales force can drive business growth with less effort, anytime, anywhere. Make sure that all sales employees can give their best.

Successful sales growth:
Growing your business could be easier than you think, regardless of the size of your company, your industry, or your region. Increase revenue and employee productivity by consolidating all sales operations onto one platform.

Virtual interactions as the new normal:

Today, everything goes online – adapt and take advantage of networking.
Help your team work more efficiently, regardless of which team members are working.
Sell faster with easy-to-use apps for virtual sales, activation, forecasting, and planning.

Support every step of the way:

Give your teams additional ways to increase sales and close deals faster.
With regular new feature releases, the world’s largest marketplace for business apps, free on-demand training, and a global community, your team will be well prepared.

Provide customer service from anywhere

Everything you need – and all the experts you need – can now be found in one place.
This way, you provide the best customer service in your industry and solve more problems in less time.
By combining Service Cloud and Slack, you provide your customers with complete digital interactions and a memorable customer experience.

Satisfaction increases with efficient workflows

Together, Salesforce and Slack enable a completely new and efficient way of working in customer service.
Your support team is connected and has everything in one place: all the apps, the experts, and the people they need to solve more problems than ever before. And all of this is happening at breakneck speed.

Marketing that inspires

Marketing is about more than just reaching as many customers as possible. It’s also about inspiring them to build a relationship with your brand. The best marketing is personal. It not only appeals to your current customers, but also inspires your potential customers to build a relationship with your brand.

One of the most important ways to build trust is through personalization. When you show your customers that you know what they need – and that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them – you create a sense of loyalty that’s critical to long-term success. The best way to personalize your marketing? Let your customers do it themselves.

Marketing today is much more than a single ad or piece of content. Marketing can consist of a number of features, such as personalized emails, social media posts, and product suggestions tailored to your customers. You can communicate across all your channels to reach your younger customers. Younger customers are especially active on social media, so this is a great way to communicate with them.

AI and behavioral data to gain a much deeper understanding of your customers. Then, you can use this information to make smarter marketing decisions and increase your sales. Tableau CRM gives you the tools you need to do just that, so you can create more value for your customers and grow your business.

You can also use Tableau to improve your customer experience on social media by using the right data to make decisions. You can use posts that generate the most likes and shares to guide your content strategy, and you can use behavioral data to tailor your messaging to your customers’ interests and needs. This way, you can provide your customers with a better experience while increasing your brand’s visibility and reach. You can also use Tableau to create an even better customer experience by using the right data to make decisions.

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