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What is Salesforce CPQ?

With CPQ from Salesforce, you can control the entire sales process. From the quotation to the invoicing.

What you can expect from Salesforce CPQ:

– Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) automates your quoting, contracting, and ordering processes. The sales tool improves your sales productivity by allowing you to specify accurate prices for any product configuration scenario.

– With Salesforce CPQ, you can configure products and orders for customers, calculate the price you charge your customer, and create PDF quotes to send to the customer.

– Salesforce CPQ can reduce errors, such as in quoting, shorten sales cycles, increase accuracy, efficiency, and speed of quoting, improve efficiency, and maximize revenue.

– With Salesforce CPQ, sales reps can quickly and accurately price products and make adjustments for the product, such as discounts.

– Salesforce CPQ provides the flexibility to use different pricing models, such as subscriptions, volume-based pricing, and wholesale pricing integrated with products and price books in Salesforce.

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Features of Salesforce CPQ

  • Product Configuration: CPQ facilitates the sale of complicated product offerings by providing sales reps with pre-built product packages (bundles) from which to select and customize.
  • Configuration with Guided Selling: By answering a few questions to the customer, sales representatives can make customer-specific configurations to sell related products together (cross-selling and up-selling).
  • Automations in pricing and discounts: CPQ provides the ability to customize pricing rules based on conditions and advanced calculations (QCP).
  • Multiple pricing scenarios: CPQ enables real-time pricing simulation and supports multiple scenarios, including e.g. contract pricing, cost + markup pricing, block pricing.
  • Simplified quotation creation: CPQ enables the creation of an integrated quotation document with customizable quotation templates that include dynamic quotation terms and conditions and can be easily created in PDF or Microsoft Word format through a document generator.
  • Contract management: CPQ can handle the renewal process and enables the integration of e-signature tools.

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