How high-tech companies can score with Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Frequent and personalized touchpoints have become essential in the high-tech industry as an increasingly digitally savvy workforce takes on the role of making purchasing decisions. Personalization has become more complex as sales channels now include SAAS subscriptions through corporate portals, e-commerce sites, social media sign-ups, and even based on coupons. Ultimately, this personalization requires a system that can aggregate and analyze all available data from multiple sources to deliver a unique and personalized experience.

Brand building in the high-tech industry has become an ever-increasing challenge given the explosion of the market and the ever-increasing competition. The high-tech industry must also address multi-touchpoint journeys while acquiring new customers, engaging them, and providing them with sufficient support throughout the journey. In today’s digital world, exit and switching costs have dropped dramatically, clearly underscoring the importance of the in-person experience for customer loyalty.

High-tech brand marketers need the support of their technology teams to learn:

Leveraging data across platforms is critical for marketers, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud has the right combination of capabilities to make this happen.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can seamlessly connect with CRM, customer data platforms, and Datarama. This integration capability gives marketers the advantage of working in an environment where the focus is on enriching the customer experience. With its integration capabilities, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can provide credentials, last touchpoint responses, and renewal data via Rest and SOAP to help marketers understand the target persona and create a personalized experience. Tools like Advertisement Studio and Interaction Studio provide marketers with toolsets to create personalized 1-to-1 interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. Marketers using Salesforce Marketing Cloud gain insights into evolving customer needs to deliver a responsive customer experience.

Start from the first touchpoint!

From the moment potential customers visit your website, marketers can track and manage them through to signing up for your SAAS, connecting them with the appropriate agent and resources throughout their evaluation journey until you engage them as a customer.

Once they’ve signed up, you can engage them through emails and social posts with the right resources and content that customers need.

Automation Studio:

Bring in data from various sources like APIs, FTP, CRM and create the customer persona from which marketers can enrich the customer experience through personalization.

Advertising Studio:

Based on audience segmentation, position your personalized content on the right advertising platform.

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