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If you’re also looking to finally get on board Salesforce Marketing Cloud and hit the ground running with the opportunities it brings, you’ve come to the right place. We will accompany you on this exciting journey and ensure that your customer relationships are sustainable and effective.

What you can expect from us:

Certified Salesforce CRM Consultants with a wealth of experience. We have also gained extensive experience in the area of Customer Relationship Management & Marketing Automation and can demonstrate a high level of expertise among our employees in the areas of sales, marketing and service. We always guarantee transparent and, above all, fast processing of all orders. You can rely on professional implementation and configuration.

Our service portfolio also includes data integration and data enrichment. In addition, it is important for us to provide competent support to our customers, which extends throughout the entire process. We do not tick off our clients according to a tally sheet, but take a close look at their business goals, which we want to achieve with individual support.

Your path to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud: from consulting to implementation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the perfect tool for creating an intelligent customer journey and ultimately ensuring the perfect customer experience. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you leverage rich functionality and capabilities to combine your digital channels with compelling presence and make the most of every contact. Let us show you how it works and how to get the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: what is it anyway?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform for digital marketing automation and data analytics. You use Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a powerful tool that enables you to interact across channels and devices. Reach your target groups with automated advertising campaigns thanks to the cloud and create individual customer journeys regardless of your channels.

Communicate and interact with your customers in entirely new ways, gaining new customer segments for your business in the process. The cloud enables you to accompany your customers along the entire customer journey, so you can always present the right offer. No matter which channel you prefer (B2C or B2B).

Use the tool to analyze campaigns that resulted in successful deals. This way you can easily see which of your campaigns are working and which are not. Not only do you optimize your campaigns with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you ultimately increase your overall marketing success.

Get a brief insight into a practical example:

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Become a companion on the customer journey

In the age of digitalization, every single interaction with customers is valuable. Basically, it’s about optimizing sales marketing by building personal customer relationships. The basis for this is an individual customer journey, which must be created. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it is possible to unite customer data from the following areas:

– Distribution
– Marketing
– Service

This data is constantly fed with additional information, which gives you the opportunity to analyze the real behavior of your customers. And along the entire customer journey, so you can respond accordingly. The growing data sources are individually linked and assigned to the corresponding data sets.

For cross-channel and cross-device communication, highly personalized information is relevant, which results from this linkage. Create memorable shopping experiences by personalizing your customer journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, automating your marketing campaigns is possible by building a bridge between your web presence and the cloud provider’s CRM system. This results in seamless tracking of all contacts so that they can be accompanied along the customer journey.

Salesforce’s CRM system enables the coordination of all marketing activities with all other actions from customer service, sales, and marketing. All the content from your channels is brought together in one place with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to deliver a unified brand presence that convinces. And on all channels. Make your individual customer journey as simple as possible and use Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Convince yourself and contact us.

Customer Journey

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: what exactly can the platform do?

The cloud provides extensive capabilities to increase the effectiveness and personalization of marketing campaigns across all digital channels. You can follow up with leads and be there from the first contact to support the entire lifecycle of the customer. You guide potential customers to become real customers by providing them with the appropriate information at the right time to facilitate decision making.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration, even sales reps have the ability to send emails and/or address customers via social media, acting directly from the cloud. To make this possible, sophisticated algorithms are used on which artificial intelligence (AI) is built.

Users are thus shown the right content at the right time and on the right channel in a much more targeted manner.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: what features are included?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the world’s leading CRM platform for:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Online advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing

The system is a combination of different components that help define target groups and link data from any source so that marketing messages can be delivered in a more targeted manner. See for yourself how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you unify your marketing on one central marketing platform.

With the system you have the possibility to create excellent email campaigns and increase customer interaction by using forms and personalized landing pages. Easily calculate return on investment (ROI) and gain valuable insights by visualizing what your customers do from first contact to close.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud consists of various components, which we will describe in more detail here.

Customer Journey Builder

This enables you to accompany your customers across channels and devices by means of a personalized customer journey that takes into account the needs of individual customers and picks them up accordingly. You use the Customer Journey Builder to connect your marketing and sales team to every touchpoint your customers come into contact with.

To make your customer journey as effective as possible, this module provides you with support in the form of predefined templates, some of which are configured. These templates are all based on well-known marketing best practices and address the most common use cases. If required, you can choose from a number of templates to design a successful customer journey.

Audience Builder

With Audience Builder, seamlessly integrate any data into Marketing Cloud for effective use. This module allows to segment target groups. Simply and conveniently drag and drop from the various data sources to address them individually. In this way, information can be extracted from complex data, which can be segmented on a data basis. This complex data comes from:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • social networks
  • Website analysis

Audience Builder helps you target specific segments individually to guide customers along their personalized customer journey.

Email Studio

This tool is designed to create effective and persuasive newsletters and email campaigns. Email Studio is one of the core building blocks of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and allows you to send tailored content and dynamic messages to encourage customer interaction with your business.

Responsive design allows you to communicate with your customers not only on any device, but also in real time. This feature has the right functions for a variety of use cases ready for you. From newsletters to multi-stage and complex e-mail campaigns, everything is included. Even dynamic landing pages are possible with Email Studio.

The tool optimally helps you to build long-term and close customer relationships and to inspire your customers with a unique customer experience.

Personalization Builder

This feature helps you collect data on your customers’ behaviors. Interests and preferences are derived from this and the content is adapted accordingly in order to be able to provide personalized offers. No matter what your goal is:

  • Capture behaviors
  • Design content dynamically
  • send personalized messages

The Personalization Builder helps you not only to reach your marketing goals faster, but also to increase your ROI.

Content Builder

This is a cross-channel content management tool. You can use it to manage documents, images and other content centrally in the cloud. Marketing automation is becoming increasingly important. As part of this, Content Builder allows you to aggregate content from different channels and manage it in one central location. This results in a consistent and convincing brand identity, which can be applied to all channels and simplifies the customer journey and implements it 1:1.

Social Studio

With Social Studio, you monitor and interact with your customers on social media. You can use it to publish your own posts using powerful social media marketing tools.

You can use the Salesforce CRM to coordinate your marketing activities with all the other activities that occur in sales, customer service, and marketing. You can use your data to listen to followers. This gives you the possibility to control new content. Targeted and effectively tailored to the right target groups. Analyze their reactions with the Social Studio to make your social media marketing even more efficient and create an important touchpoint, which is an essential part of the customer journey.

Advertising Studio

This tool will help you plan and implement high-quality advertising campaigns to generate leads, acquire customers and reactivate them. With this feature you can manage and optimize your advertising campaigns. And in such a way that the content is output based on the customer profile.

You can integrate your marketing and CRM data into the cloud to reach your customers across all advertising channels by delivering timely and tailored messages. You address your customers by using targeted advertising, which is based on your CRM data. This way you can delight your customers with personalized messages.

You can capture all leads in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and leverage all available data from Marketing Cloud to result in highly effective advertising efforts that can be optimally managed. With Advertising Studio, you can additionally optimize your ads on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook, as well as your display advertising, to specifically target audiences on these channels. You have the ability to network all your channels and align your advertising campaigns with other areas of your business. By linking your customer data to marketing campaigns, you satisfy your customers first and foremost. Additionally, you increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Mobile Studio

Of course, you also have the option of mobile networking to increase the success of your mobile marketing efforts. Mobile Studio helps you create personalized interactions specifically for the following areas:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Push notifications
  • Group messages

With Mobile Studio you can easily create and automate them. With this tool, you have the ability to reach your customers on any device and target them with personalized campaigns. So you not only communicate, you do it at the right moment. And based on the following parameters:

  • Distance
  • Location
  • Event

You can use Mobile Studio to send relevant messages that are tailored to your customers’ behavior and preferences. In this way, interactions with your company can be increased.

Analytics Builder

This tool makes it possible to analyze not only each individual campaign but the entire customer journey. And in real time. Thus, you enjoy the possibility to optimize them continuously. Your marketing efforts benefit because they are driven directly from Salesforce and can be fine-tuned one more time thanks to web analytics data.

As a marketer, you can act at exactly the right time because Analytics Builder gives you the ability to evaluate behavioral patterns and other relevant insights. You can also use Analytics Builder to run up-to-date reports. This applies to both the Email Studio and the Content Builder. Thanks to the cooperation with Google Analytics, users also have the option of linking on and offline data.

Digital analytics data helps combine and process offline sales data. This results in a complete representation of the conversion funnel.

Audience Studio

With this tool you have the possibility to collect and analyze customer data from any source. You can use this data on any channel. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your customer relationships. This ultimately leads to increasing business results. The important thing here is to make sure that unknown prospects receive the right promotional messages.

You can effectively expand your reach via Lookalike Audiences. You can integrate, capture, and unify audiences directly from the Audience Studio account into your Marketing Cloud. This way, you can use the data from CRM as a new source of revenue, ensuring even better experiences for your customers. The tool is ideally suited for collecting and analyzing customer data from any source. You can also use them in any channel, effectively strengthening relationships with your customers to optimize business results.

Audience Studio is the only peer-to-peer platform designed for data exchange that allows you to access data from other providers. With this tool, you turn raw data into insights that can be used immediately. Benefit from the numerous advantages of modern analysis to increase your sales in a simple way.

Salesforce Data Studio

This is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud module that provides a platform for data sharing. Specifically tailored for marketers, publishers and brands.

Marketers have the opportunity to expand their reach with this tool. It also allows marketers to discover new audiences and ensure their data management platform (DMP) is even more powerful. Publishers and brands use the tool to securely share their own data and make it available with controlled permissions.

This way, marketers get larger audiences in a safe environment. This is controlled by the data owners, so transactions between data sellers and buyers can be conducted without concern. Just contact us. We’ll be happy to show you how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you acquire customers faster and increase your sales…

Email Marketing Automation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a professional platform for email marketing, which includes numerous functions that make equally professional email marketing possible. This also applies to tools that can be used to create newsletters and perform A/B testing, which is done for comprehensive audience segmentation and campaign analysis.

You have the ability to track your campaigns from A to Z and adjust your content by taking into account your customers’ reactions.

Keep your sales pipeline well-stocked with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Whether it’s large newsletter campaigns or individual messages, even if you’re targeting millions of email contacts, Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you the power to tailor all content perfectly to your audiences.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you use a powerful tool that combines all the important tools for successful marketing. The tools are also built in such a way that you can use them without any technical knowledge to assemble specific segments within a few minutes:

  • Customizable templates
  • Content building blocks
  • Landing pages
  • Email templates

All fragments can be easily operated by drag-and-drop. This makes it child’s play to put them together in the look of your company in a flash.

The intelligent analytics capabilities built into Salesforce Marketing Cloud give you accurate tracking and analysis. Contact us now for step-by-step support.

Starting with the conception of personalized campaigns in email marketing, we enable you to design the individual phases of your customer journey by simply automating them. Contact us and let one of our certified Marketing Automation Consultants advise you.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Einstein for the Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Einstein is a powerful analytics tool that was integrated into Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2017. The tool uses artificial intelligence to forecast sales potential and gain more insights about customers. Lead scoring is used to initiate further activities. Individual scoring options are also used to prioritize lead qualification activities.

In this way, the marketing budget can be used in a targeted manner. State-of-the-art analysis and controlling tools are used to obtain detailed feedback on the success rate achieved by the various marketing measures. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you’re driving the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence themes in your business.

With Marketing Excellenceand AI, you have the ability to recommend only relevant content to your target audiences. Salesforce Einstein helps you identify the most active recipients to increase your conversion rate. Based on your customer data, you can make decisions that are tailored to each individual customer. You can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud predictive capabilities to personalize your customers’ journeys. You engage your customers in your campaigns based on the likelihood of closing a deal.

The same is true, of course, for the likelihood of opening an email, downloading content, filling out a form, or clicking on a link.

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