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What is the Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Salesforce’s Revenue Cloud puts you in full control of your revenue growth.

What you can expect from Salesforce Revenue Cloud:

  • Revenue Cloud helps you manage and accelerate revenue growth across all channels, combining CPQ & Billing, Partner Relationship Management and B2B Commerce capabilities.
  • As part of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, Revenue Cloud has a unified data model that supports the entire revenue lifecycle.
  • With Revenue Cloud, you can connect your sales, partner, operations, legal, and finance teams with a single source of truth for revenue and customer transactions – from purchase to revenue recognition.
  • By linking revenue processes, you can transform the B2B buying process, generate new revenue streams, and increase revenue efficiency.

Find out what Salesforce Revenue Cloud can do for you in the video:

With the Revenue Cloud you are able to

  • Transform the customer shopping experience: Combine sales channels such as direct sales, partners and digital stores to further expand your customer relationships. Customers get a seamless buying experience and your employees get a complete view of the customer’s purchase history and online activities.
  • Develop new revenue streams: develop effective, new tactics to increase revenue, such as introducing subscription products or alternative pricing strategies. Thanks to the multi-cloud billing feature, you can access data from different clouds on a shared network.
  • Optimize revenue efficiency: Revenue Cloud improves the efficiency of your processes through automations. Use an automation dashboard to track all sales orders, invoices, and contract changes in real time and make strategic decisions. ERP integrations allow you to use the data immediately.

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