Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud provides the insights your sales team needs to close deals faster than ever before.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The CRM solution for sales

With the right use of Salesforce Sales Cloud, both the productivity and efficiency of an entire sales team can be optimized.

Nowadays, as part of digitization, all important and relevant information must be available online to the sales and field service team at all times.

Whether they want to view information about recent account activity, support requests, a potential customer’s interaction history. The latest offers, new products and price updates must also be available so that employees can prepare professionally for customer visits.

With the help of Salesforce Sales Cloud, all this information and documentation is available to your sales team online and at the click of a mouse. This helps the company stay in touch with prospects and customers at all times and collect new relevant data in the cloud in the shortest possible time. Salesforce Sales Cloud can also capture and store data such as web activity, social media profiles, company information, and more about customers.

Customers should be known to the vendors as much as possible. Transparency is critical in this regard. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, it’s easy to keep track of all your contacts.

On the one hand, it is about improving customer satisfaction and retaining existing customers. On the other hand, the customer base should not only be maintained, but of course continuously expanded.

If you know your customers well, you can identify their needs and wishes in a timely and targeted manner and respond to them. The management and control of sales projects is at least as important in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as customer care.

Increase sales - shorten acquisition phase

Long-term customer retention and acquisition requires constant and personalized communication with customers and prospects. This requires a CRM system that is adapted to the company and the customers and that maps to the sales and distribution processes while providing the necessary data in the cloud. Salesforce Sales Cloud can do all that.

The tool is ideally suited for long-term interaction with customers, colleagues, partners and experts. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, it is possible to optimize sales processes and automate a significant part of them.

In the Salesforce Sales Cloud, all sales-relevant documents and information on contacts and customers are stored in a central location and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. In this way, everyone involved maintains an overview of the status of employees, sales targets, and all ongoing projects at all times. With just one click, you get comprehensive information about sales figures, the current sales pipeline or territory information.

The development of high-quality leads is supported by intelligent lead management technologies. This enables the company to close more deals, increase sales efficiency, and acquire more customers, which in turn leads to higher revenues.

Maximize your success with Salesforce Sales Cloud

The customer journey illustrates all customer interactions and touchpoints with the company and reflects the customer’s journey to the point of purchase. All customer transactions, sales processes and marketing measures can be clearly documented and processed with the help of a well-managed CRM system.

Data sets about leads

Why the Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Everything is always visible: Salesforce Sales Cloud gives all employees access (including mobile access) to the complete CRM database at any time and from anywhere, including all details and information on all relevant business transactions for individual customers.

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Contacts management

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides complete customer profiles with history, contact information, activities, and communication history between the customer and the company. Relevant interfaces to surrounding systems are also mapped in the Sales Cloud and can be viewed and edited at any time.

Additional information


The customer is made transparent. All authorized persons in the company can look up the last activities of the prospect or customer in the CRM and look for relevant information when approaching the customer. This demonstrably increases sales opportunities.


A centralized overview facilitates monitoring and control of campaigns. It is easy to determine which campaign was the most successful. Information about key people and their interactions can help the company make better decisions in the future.


Salesforce Sales Cloud provides comprehensive analytics and reporting. Both the most important key figures and other relevant data and charts are available to every user in real time.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Advantages of the Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud provides a constant overview of all sales activities as well as important information on status, target achievement and ongoing projects. The company thus has a complete picture of every customer at all times, including all sales, service and marketing interactions. Cloud technology also offers unmatched flexibility with virtually unlimited scalability.

Sales staff always have their finger on the pulse of newly acquired addresses, data and appointments and have a constant flow of information on all customer-relevant business transactions. With sales automation, the entire company achieves success faster, receives more orders and thus sustainably increases sales.

Lead management software automates the process of identifying new prospects and increases effectiveness as well as efficiency in customer acquisition.

Real-time reports and customized dashboards facilitate planning and form the basis for informed decisions and realistic forecasts. This allows the company to avoid waste and focus on customers with the best sales prospects. In this way, the entire lead management process can be automated and streamlined, resulting in faster conversion of prospects into customers and ensuring that no sales opportunity is missed.

Salesforce Einstein

Companies using Salesforce Sales Cloud enjoy additional benefits, particularly through the use of Salesforce’s artificial intelligence (AI) called Einstein. Salesforce Einstein uses historical data to forecast and assess the likelihood of future outcomes. For example, to rank and prioritize leads based on their value to the business. To that end, Salesforce Einstein provides extensive lead scoring and reporting that enables the delivery of personalized materials to contacts and leads, as well as the optimization of the company’s own marketing efforts.

The Einstein Analytics machine learning platform can be used to analyze customer behavior in operational sales. Analysis automatically generates detailed and rapid sales forecasts based on prospects, past deals, and close dates.

Salesforce Einstein for Salesforce Sales Cloud provides intelligent forecasting and business recommendations to help the company sell faster and smarter on a sustained basis. In addition, sales can be further increased by means of targeted marketing and content as well as an efficient email, mobile and social media campaign.

Customer satisfaction can also be improved by providing customers with unrestricted access, quick response times, and personal attention.

The entire quotation process can be automated thanks to Salesforce CPQ. CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote. Complex offers are created and sent automatically based on data.


Many companies already rely on Salesforce Sales Cloud as a central CRM solution for marketing and sales to provide the best possible service to their customers. An organization’s entire sales team can collaborate more closely and quickly with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

A cloud-based CRM platform is the ideal solution for team collaboration, as numerous employees are responsible for contacting customers and creating quotes. More cross-selling, a shorter sales cycle and higher conversion rates are the result of this type of collaboration.

Promising leads and potential customers are answered within the shortest possible time, the latest figures can be checked at any time and much more can be analyzed and processed. The employees are always and everywhere up to date. As a result, sales staff spend less time searching for information and can focus on customers, acquisition and revenue generation.


Salesforce Sales Cloud is the ideal tool for sustainably digitizing and strengthening sales. Not only are the sales employees themselves relieved, but the entire company gains in efficiency.

Thanks to transparent processes throughout the sales, marketing and subsequent customer process, customers receive a premium service. The sales organization uses Salesforce Sales Cloud to professionalize its entire account management and build up efficient contact and lead management in the long term. The sales pipeline is enriched with opportunities, leads, tasks, events and activities and gives a complete picture of the current sales cycle. Thanks to the integrated web-to-lead module, customer movements can be tracked in detail.

Furthermore, the cloud solution can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Regardless of whether it is a computer, laptop or even a smartphone. Once the Salesforce Sales Cloud is configured, this is not unchangeable. On the contrary, direct adaptation of all functions to changing processes in the context of digitization are possible at any time and without great effort.

To ensure that each employee receives their information as quickly as possible, dashboards can be individually configured and customized to the employee. Regular reports can also be designed accordingly, depending on the target audience. Salesforce Sales Cloud is the central location and view of an organization’s entire sales channel and much more.

Demo version

For 30 days, interested parties can test the Salesforce Sales Cloud free of charge and without obligation. This allows the company to see for itself how Salesforce can increase sales productivity and efficiency while driving the business forward. Configurations and analyses from the free test phase can be seamlessly transferred to subsequent operation. Salesforce Sales Cloud can be tried without downloading or installing anything. It can be configured and tested online in the browser.


With Salesforce Sales Cloud, one company is betting on the industry leader. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has been in business since 1999 and continues to provide new and innovative solutions in the CRM space. The Sales Cloud is the next logical step in personalized and efficient customer acquisition and support. Salesforce sees itself as a SaaS provider of the CRM solution for companies of all sizes. All products from the Salesforce catalog are multi-client capable and can thus also be used for large corporations. Salesforce Sales Cloud is the ideal tool for advancing your own business and strengthening customer interaction as part of digitization.

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