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Salesforce Marketing Automation

Increased sales opportunities with the help of Salesforce Marketing Automation

Thanks to Salesforce Marketing Automation, you can make your relationships with your customers more sustainable and effective. In the following article we explain the application of intelligent marketing tools. This strategy can increase the number of leads and new customers in your company.


What expectations do we meet as part of Salesforce Marketing Automation?

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Increased sales opportunities with the help of Salesforce Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a technology that enables companies to realize unification, automation and measurement of marketing tasks and sales workflows.

These capabilities can significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire organization. As a result, major sales growth is possible. Employees can use a variety of marketing techniques and sales processes to achieve optimization in terms of data generation, customer care, and ongoing conversation.

The number of companies benefiting from marketing automation is growing continuously. By applying the possibilities, the ggfs. lead quality can be counteracted.

Complementary to this, marketing measures can be much better demonstrated with regard to the distribution chain. A perfect symbiosis of sales and marketing is essential.

Salesforce Marketing Automation
can leverage previously untapped potential and thus significantly increase customer and employee satisfaction.

With marketing automation, you can prevail in increasingly competitive markets by constantly attracting new prospects. Due to the continuously growing processes, the requirements for individual support have risen sharply. With Marketing Automation you can permanently establish and prevail with your company through constant support and targeted processing of customer requests.

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In which constellations is marketing automation used?

Every company can optimize its own marketing through Salesforce Marketing Automation. In the past, B2B or capital goods industries in particular were users of marketing automation. Companies in IT, manufacturing or professional services used the options from marketing automation. In the recent past and present, automation in relation to marketing processes is being used by more and more industries and companies. The holistic approach with the optimization and constant maintenance of customer relationships is present and common in companies from the healthcare sector, the financial sector, the media and many other industries.

Large corporations in particular have been relying on the positive aspects of Salesforce Marketing Automation for some time now. Regardless of company size, marketing automation has become a standardized method in many segments. Any company focused on sales, marketing and customer retention can benefit from marketing automation.

The fastest growth is currently taking place in the area of technology in small and medium-sized enterprises. Depending on the cost-benefit factor, the application will become relevant for more and more companies in the future in order to meet growing customer needs.

What are the benefits and features of Salesforce Marketing Automation?

Information chains and the flow of diverse and detailed information can be significantly optimized between different departments within a company. Especially for repetitive tasks in marketing or sales, automation is of great advantage. The following are aspects to consider when automating marketing and can be done using Salesforce Marketing Automation as a feature:

Email marketing as a continuous offer

Creation and updating of landing pages

Campaign management

Lead scoring

Management of individual leads

CRM integration

Functions in the area of social media marketing

Marketing Analytics

Salesforce helps you leverage marketing automation.

Artemis Innovations helps you do this much more efficiently and effectively.

With the
Email marketing campaigns
you can build and manage long-term customer relationships quickly and easily. Even in the present day, email offers one of the most efficient marketing tools. As part of the implementation, marketing automation can be fast and targeted using personalized emails, newsletters and other professional methods. With the help of the targeted approach, new customers can be won and existing customers can be retained.

Other benefits include time savings for individual employees and modern business processes. The above factors allow each lead to be nurtured as needed. This is supplemented by opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling campaigns. Additional sales and various discount promotions can be used to strengthen customer loyalty and boost sales growth at the same time. With the return-on-investment analysis, the effectiveness of the measures can be evaluated and optimized.

Professional customer journey management thanks to Salesforce Marketing Automation

Using a CRM sales database and a marketing automation system, it is possible to seamlessly integrate all communication channels and contact options. Due to this constellation, a potential customer can be accompanied through all sales channels and the purchase options are significantly optimized. Due to this close interlocking, potentials and sales can be increased significantly. New sales options are created through the optimized design of marketing and sales activities. As a result, campaigns can be measured steadily and reliably, resulting in optimization across the board. With comselect, the Salesforce Marketing Automation marketing expert since 2002, you get the optimal sales support in your company thanks to marketing automation and content marketing.

Based on the individual customer journey, Salesforce Marketing Automation experts develop a marketing automation solution tailored to the needs of the business. Assistance is provided in selecting the ideal system for marketing automation. Subsequently, Salesforce integration is supported. Targeted marketing campaigns are just as much a part of the product portfolio as advice on the implementation of lead generation.

To significantly strengthen and optimize the brand and communication strategy, the existing marketing automation options are jointly consulted and coordinated. Among other things, the analysis of the desired target groups and the definition of the company’s goals are crucial. As a result, the focus is always on increasing the ROI.


With a strong partner, Salesforce Marketing Automation succeeds

Together with you, we create and develop a joint concept with regard to the lead-nurturing process. This joint drip campaign will focus the content offerings. The target group and the buyer personas are essential aspects of the customer journey. The content offered should provide a clear and specific added value, which answers the relevant questions and directs the interest to the desired product. The basic idea is to create a concrete need.

With the automation of lead nurturing in conjunction with the truly relevant content as the maturity of the significantly optimized and qualitatively improved. There are several options for the Nurture process. It makes sense to use current topics and trends in order to generate a high and targeted level of attention. In this constellation, there are various supplementary possibilities, e.g. with the help of current studies or e-books, which provide the link to a topic-focused landing page. Finally, the process is finalized with an online demo, an invitation to a webinar, or a free quote.

Using the customized scoring model, the generated leads can be pre-qualified by Salesforce Marketing Automation. Subsequently, the pre-qualified leads can be further substantiated via various channels or service providers and ultimately go to internal sales for processing. In contrast to a marketing activity without Salesforce Marketing Automation, the matching of leads in relation to the desired sales channels is significantly optimized. Quality beats quantity at this point. This allows colleagues in sales to use their capacities and resources in a targeted manner with high prospects of success

“Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you connect your entire customer experience! This is a huge competitive advantage because target groups can be segmented quickly and easily to create personalized marketing activities. This is the basis for a long-term and first-class customer relationship. Thanks to the Marketing Cloud, you also have a 360-degree view of each individual customer. Inspire your customers, too!”

Sebastian Meier, CEO

Salesforce Marketing Automation to generate leads

The link between marketing automation and the company’s own customer journey management is essential for a promising and revenue-maximizing strategy.

With Salesforce Marketing Automation, information can be efficiently structured within the Salesforce CRM system. Thus, the application offers the ideal support for sales.

Concrete processing options are e.g. targeting and informing desired customer groups according to specific characteristics. In this respect, individual, suitable customer groups can be informed or contacted for specific products – quickly and automatically. A further optimization is the high qualification of leads and customers for the respective products. The ideal technology can significantly increase the number of leads.

In joint consultations, the needs-based processes relating to marketing and sales are defined and developed. Optimal and, if possible, automated communication with prospects and customers requires optimal process design.

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What we offer you in the area of Salesforce Marketing Automation

Individual inventory of the company’s own processes in marketing, service and sales

A structured database from Salesforce to capture customers and process them in a modern way

The Marketing Automation System for automating activities to generate leads

The evaluation of leads on the basis of fixed and customizable criteria

The forwarding of leads to the sales department after appropriate pre-qualification

A professional approach to customers with customer journey management

Are you convinced of our expertise and the benefits through Salesforce Marketing Automation?

With our many years of know-how and our numerous references, we are convinced that we can provide you with the best possible support for the introduction of marketing automation. We can show you the optimal marketing automation and develop it together based on your business needs and goals.

We are familiar with and aware of the challenges from a large number of implementations that have already been realized.

Optimized customer targeting will increasingly be decisive for future business success. Outstanding marketing campaigns for new customer acquisition and customer retention can be continuously implemented with our well-balanced solutions. In the context of the digital transformation of our business world, there are many challenges that cannot be overcome with tried-and-tested methodologies alone. We see ourselves as a permanent and continuous partner throughout the entire process. Even before and after the implementation, we are at your side with our know-how and our experts.

In order to meet the increased demands in terms of the personal needs of customers with less and less time, marketing automation is a cornerstone for achieving business goals. Regardless of the size of your company and the industry in which it operates, competition is fierce, and Salesforce Marketing Automation can help you solve and manage this competition. Don’t be pushed aside by the competition and participate in all levels of our brilliant solutions.

In addition to the positive effects in terms of customer acquisition and retention, your employees will benefit from the increased quality provided by intelligent systems.

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A connection with a common ERP system, such as SAP, is no problem at all.

The implementation phase depends on the scope of the desired modules.

This is not a problem at all. We can perform a data migration so that your existing data is imported as well.

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