Why you should choose Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud - 5 benefits

The manufacturing industry has been slow to embrace change in its operations. Many are still holding on to old processes that could easily be simplified by implementing Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud was launched in late 2019 with the goal of providing a modernized way for manufacturers to get a comprehensive view of their entire operations. This allows companies to connect different departments to gain insights that not only help them better understand the business, but also respond more quickly to market changes.

Here are 5 benefits you can achieve by switching to automated processes.

1. manufacturers can better meet their commitments and run a smoother business.

With Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, companies can connect different departments. By connecting sales and operations, companies can instantly and automatically enter customer orders into a unified system that is routed directly to execution.

Eliminating additional manual steps reduces the possibility of human error, which can be costly. We’ve all heard about how entering a simple extra zero in an execution order can cost a company thousands of dollars. Automating and linking the process creates reliable data for sales and operations to share.

2. create accurate business forecasts

Instant access to reports provides information about product performance that can be irreplaceable. This information tells companies which products are selling best and which are not performing as well. Manufacturers can use these insights to identify trends and better predict where resources should be deployed. If there are high return rates for a particular product, a networked system immediately alerts the manufacturer to the problem. That way, he can address problems quickly instead of allowing costly production issues to drag on indefinitely.

3. adequate inventory management

Manufacturers often produce a certain amount of product to meet estimated demand. Being able to accurately track customer demand will not only ensure that you don’t create a product surplus, but also that you are able to meet demand. Without a 360-degree overview of your operations, you can easily over- or under-produce. If you make too much of something without demand, you lose money. If you sell out, customers will be disappointed and may turn to a competitor. There’s definitely a balance that needs to be achieved, and Salesforce can help keep just the right amount in stock.

4. instant update of contracts

Separate updates to customer contracts originating from different parties can lead to version control chaos. With an automated digital contract management process, changes to existing contracts can be made immediately and are accessible to all. A single source of truth ensures that your processes are unified, legal liability is reduced, and departments are working to the same specifications.

5. track leads and improve close rates

Implementing an automated system that tracks leads through the sales process gives companies better insight into where they are succeeding and where they need to improve. A company can then better understand what kind of sales strategies work with potential customers.

Any weakening in the sales process can be detected and an alarm triggered so manufacturers can figure out what is happening at that point in the process. Once the problem is identified, sales teams can make adjustments to prevent potential customers from falling out of the pipeline at that point. Ultimately, this leads to more sales and increases the bottom line.


Implementing Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud into your operations can drive efficiencies across the enterprise. Although many manufacturers are reluctant to adopt new technology, wanting to protect their long-established processes, there is a real business benefit to deploying this technology across the enterprise.

Manual processes are time-consuming and often lead to errors that can be costly. Switching to an automated system that provides real-time information is much more reliable and accurate. The adoption of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud helps companies stay competitive and is a game changer in the manufacturing industry.

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