Artemis Innovations is Workato Partner

Artemis Innovations is a Workato partner that helps organizations reconcile all use cases, stakeholders, teams, and departments through an integration platform.

A strong partner for next-generation iPaas

As a trusted Workato partner, Artemis Innovations helps business and IT teams build integrations at five times the speed of traditional integration platforms.

We can help you significantly reduce your operational footprint as well as overall costs in your organization by providing you with more than 500,000 ready-to-use instructions for common business processes shared by more than 70,000 community members. This creates an innovative cloud structure in your company that is optimized for scalability and speed, which is directly reflected in the results.

Workato ‘s goal is to enable diverse teams across an organization to quickly and easily create integrations, securely connect to the cloud as well as on-premises databases and ERP, legacy applications, etc., and effortlessly synchronize data at any speed level. Based on a cloud platform that automatically scales and facilitates infrastructure provisioning and capacity planning, as a Workato partner we make it possible to effortlessly synchronize your data in real time with volumes up to several billion rows.

As a Workato partner, our comprehensive integration consulting services and technical and professional expertise help companies leverage the benefits of Workato for their own operational structures.

The Workato Next-Gen iPaaS

The Workato iPaas platform uses fit-for-purpose technologies such as APIs for reliable interactions with modern systems. In this way, the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be prevented from being compromised by a lack of stability in the systems.

With this platform, you use a mix of API-based and UI-based automation to find exactly the right tool for each problem. You can also vastly improve automation performance and prevent it from being compromised by quickly clicking through individual screens. With us as a Workato partner, this allows you to create automations that require on average 50% less in operational resources for support or maintenance compared to typical RPA solutions.

Workflow automation for enterprises

If you’re an organization making the move from automating individual tasks to automating complete business processes, you need an integration platform like Workato to bring diverse human and machine-driven tasks into an end-to-end flow. While many typical integration platforms focus on simple data movement, Workato also integrates business events and system actions to enable full business automation.

Our experience and expertise as a Workato partner enables us to provide you with meaningful support in the automation of complete business processes.

This way, you can connect the individual actions of the teams in your company with automated activities. In addition, the Workato platform enables processes that can interact with multiple enterprise applications across any number of business functions. Our collaborative approach helps you to take full advantage of all the platform’s features and capabilities, and in this way also make the best use of your internal resources and skills within your company.

Intelligent and flexible data pipelines for better business results

The Workato platform makes it easier than ever to enable both technical and business users to deploy data into systems like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, or other data warehouses. By removing complexities of APIs, maintenance of infrastructure as well as capacity planning, schema management and various optimizations, it becomes quite easy to speed up result display and thus achieve better business results.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Workato platform enables us to offer you the following services as a Workato partner:

  • Effortless loading of data, through its integration with any database such as cloud, on-premises, APIs, ERPs or data streams
  • Dynamic throughput optimizations for high-performance data extractions without worrying about infrastructure
  • Automatic adjustments to source schema changes, resulting in smarter data pipelines
  • The integration of more flexible and changeable pipelines with pushdown or integrated transformations

With our help, you can first get a clear picture of your own integration capabilities. Based on this, we work with you to develop an integration strategy and a detailed plan for achieving your individual goals and objectives. You can additionally benefit from our simple and understandable hints and instructions for the implementation of the individual optimization mechanisms.

Of course, as a Workato partner, we are also happy to support you in optimizing your own integration architecture to get the most out of your resources and capabilities. At the same time, the Workato platform can be meaningfully and seamlessly connected with other existing technologies in your company. With our comprehensive end-to-end integration services, we help you gain particularly fast and uncomplicated access to your data and use it for your business processes. Our accomplished platform experts also provide support at every step of the optimization processes, take care of troubleshooting and monitoring of the individual systems, and are always available to provide advice and assistance.

Use our services for more efficiency and lower operating costs in your company

As a reliable Workato partner, we will gladly and comprehensively take care of your concerns related to the Workato platform. Contact us right away and secure a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about our services and capabilities.

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