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Digitization to become a smart manufacturing company.
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Challenge for the manufacturing industry

How manufacturing companies can master the challenge of digital transformation

The networking of sales, service and production must be realized digitally. With the help of a cloud-based CRM system, this can be done smartly and across departments. The trend in the manufacturing industry is toward individualized products. The standard offer is a discontinued model in certain areas. Customers are involved – whether in function, form, material or color. However, more complex specifications often need to be coordinated.

The solution: digitization by means of a CRM system, smart and cross-departmental.

This means that sales, production and service must be networked and digitized.
The transmission of real-time data and information to your employees offers the possibility to respond to customer requests at any time – on demand. Efficient collaboration between all departments is easy to implement with digital strategies: from initial contact to order delivery. Even the click behavior in the marketing newsletter becomes visible. All in one web-based system.

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Our cloud recommendations for the manufacturing industry

The benefits of digitization with Salesforce

360 degree customer view

Keep track of all your stakeholders: customers, partners and suppliers. Collaboration platforms and automations make it easy so you can focus on what matters most: Your business.

Networked departments

Connect marketing, sales, order management, logistics and service in a single ecosystem. Automated processes allow all systems to work together seamlessly, increasing quality and efficiency in all areas.

Intelligent customer service

Provide excellent customer service to your customers, B2B or B2C, and partners. Processing of all requests with one solution via one system - simple and fast. The tablet always accompanies the field service and is a digital helper.


The perfect CRM for the manufacturing industry

In a world where speed and flexibility are the keywords for manufacturing companies, an effective CRM system like Salesforce can make all your business dreams come true. With its ability to identify interesting new customer groups and work with product development to find success stories from these dialogues, it’s no wonder why this technology has become so popular with manufacturers who are already thinking about the future today!

Salesforce makes the enterprise "sleek"

Salesforce as a booster for sales

Recruiting team plans more farsightedly

Marketing: razor-sharp analysis of new and existing customers

Customer service can customize the customer approach

The big advantage of Salesforce is the central documentation of all relevant information in a secure cloud. This means that all authorized persons in the company always have access to the same, up-to-date data and can plan their activities more quickly. This not only provides significantly more time to concentrate on the actual core tasks. Salesforce also avoids a lot of tedious work that can distract from the task at hand and negatively impact employee motivation.

The Salesforce Products

Our cloud recommendations for the manufacturing industry

Whether you already use Salesforce as your CRM system or want to dive into the Salesforce world, we offer the right solution for digitizing the manufacturing industry. Thanks to our expertise and numerous reference projects, we deal directly with industry-specific challenges and can offer you tailor-made solutions adapted to your company.

Increasing sales has never been so easy!
With the right sales tools, your sales force can drive business growth with less effort, anytime, anywhere. Make sure that all sales employees can give their best.

Successful sales growth:
Growing your business could be easier than you think, regardless of the size of your company, your industry, or your region. Increase revenue and employee productivity by consolidating all sales operations onto one platform.

Virtual interactions as the new normal:

Today, everything goes online – adapt and take advantage of networking.
Help your team work more efficiently, regardless of which team members are working.
Sell faster with easy-to-use apps for virtual sales, activation, forecasting, and planning.

Support every step of the way:

Give your teams additional ways to increase sales and close deals faster.
With regular new feature releases, the world’s largest marketplace for business apps, free on-demand training, and a global community, your team will be well prepared.

Provide customer service from anywhere

Everything you need – and all the experts you need – can now be found in one place.
This way, you provide the best customer service in your industry and solve more problems in less time.
By combining Service Cloud and Slack, you provide your customers with complete digital interactions and a memorable customer experience.

Satisfaction increases with efficient workflows

Together, Salesforce and Slack enable a completely new and efficient way of working in customer service.
Your support team is connected and has everything in one place: all the apps, the experts, and the people they need to solve more problems than ever before. And all of this is happening at breakneck speed.

Transparency and predictability

Connect manufacturing, sales, and planning across the ecosystem to keep your business running seamlessly.

Transparent sales projection

“Sales contracts” is the name of the function that allows you to combine all conditions. This includes term, products, prices, quantities provided. With this data, the back office can work quite easily and efficiently.
You can even create your own metrics to track the performance of the customer you want.

Smarter, more efficient customer service on site – thanks to networked service staff and Field Service Lightning.

Create work orders quickly

Instantly create and manage technical field orders, instantly retrieve technical articles, and monitor SLA compliance using milestones.
Orders are also linked to accounts, contacts, products, customer cases, entitlements, and other objects, so you can access data from all your Salesforce applications.

Other benefits and features of the Field Servie Lighting Cloud include:
– Optimize schedules and assign jobs smarter
– Increase first resolution rate – thanks to AI Einstein
– Manage orders from any mobile device
– Make smarter decisions

Win jobs faster than ever before with a seamless CPQ process.
And with automated end-to-end processes, you can guarantee more accurate quotes and contracts can significantly accelerate the receipt of payments.

Other benefits and features of the CPQ Cloud:
– Create accurate quotes more easily
– Create consistent quotes and contracts faster
– Simplify invoicing and sales commission offsets

Interact with your customers across all channels – with the Experience Cloud

Design your digital customer experiences with a targeted focus on customer needs.

Reach all audiences through websites and interactive portals tailored to your needs and powered by the world’s leading CRM platform.

Evolve your customer experiences on a flexible and reliable platform.

Customer Experiences in the form of websites, portals, or forums can be easily deployed and customized with a click or code. A rich ecosystem of easy-to-use tools, cutting-edge AI, and apps helps you scale and evolve.

Salesforce Pardot – the marketing automation and lead generation tool.

Build your pipeline faster with B2B marketing automation.

Generate high quality leads

With Pardot’s easy-to-use marketing tools, your pipeline is always filled with high-quality leads.
Pardot makes it easy to create landing pages and signup forms , send email campaigns and deliver personalized content to your prospects. Everything from a single source: from the click to the conclusion of the agreement.

Build more valuable customer relationships

Automate common marketing and sales tasks , such as lead management.
Automated lead qualification and lead nurturing give your sales reps more time to focus on their essential business: building customer relationships and selling products.

Expand sales pipeline faster

Accelerate revenue generation through closer alignment between marketing and sales.
Automated lead categorization and assignments, as well as real-time notifications to sales reps, ensure more efficient and faster leads and sales.

Measure marketing metrics

Leave nothing to chance.
Measure the success of your marketing campaigns with customizable dashboards to better understand what’s working, your teams contribution to success, and what you’re doing to fully achieve your revenue goals

Send your customers the right message at the right time – with intelligent marketing automation.

Successful marketing with the world’s leading CRM system from Salesforce.

Strengthen relationships with your customers and increase value with seamless experiences across all touchpoints, from ads to emails to social media and excellent, friendly customer service.

The platform that grows with you!
With the help of artificial intelligence, you can target and personalize each of your customers and implement new trends. This way, your company continues to grow.

Gain 360-degree view of each of your customers.
Get to know your customers better by linking all available data. Address your target group with targeted messages.

Short payback period

Optimize your advertising impact, budgets and processes.
A unified solution for marketing and business analytics provides you with valuable insights for this.

Salesforce + Tableau

Salesforce’s mission with Tableau is simple but ambitious: Salesforce helps people see and understand data.
As part of Salesforce Ohana, Salesforce provides the world’s leading analytics solution for all your data.
Tableau can help you unlock the potential of comprehensive customer data by performing analytics.

Use Tableau to combine Salesforce data from the Customer-360 View module with your other business data. This will make your customer data visible and a visual image will be created.

Salesforce + MuleSoft

MuleSoft joined the Salesforce family in 2018. MuleSoft helps businesses with digital transformation by easily connecting all their operating systems, including applications, data, devices and much more. MuleSoft focuses exclusively on system integration products and services to help users and developers quickly connect data from any system. MulseSoft is the leading platform for integration and application programming interfaces (API).

Success stories from the manufacturing industry

Success stories from the manufacturing industry


Adva Optical Networking SE is a multinational provider of telecommunications equipment with Headquarters in Meiningen.

Cloud solutions deployed

  • Sales Cloud, Service Cloud
  • Tableau
  • Einstein Analytics
  • CPQ
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Erfolgsgeschichte mit Adva

Innovative Technologie

Adva Optical Networking SE ist ein multinationaler Anbieter von Telekommunikationsausrüstung mit Hauptsitz in Meiningen. Die Firma Adva hat sich darauf spezialisiert innovative Netzwerktechnologien zu entwickeln und leistet somit einen wichtigen Beitrag im Zuge der Digitalisierung.
  • High-Tech, Telekommunikation

  • Über Jahre gewachsenes System mit vielen Automatisierungen

  • Aufbau eines Forecasting-Tools mit Tableau und Lightning Web Components; Erstellung einer Architektur für die Provisionierung und Aufbau einer Applikation mit Lightning Web Components; Aufbau eines automatisierten Analyse- und Segmentierungsprozesses für Opportunity
    Produkte; Automatisierung einer Run Rate Rabattierung anhand von Opportunity Produkten und Orders aus SAP; Aufbau einer individuellen Sharing Logik auf Account Ebene; Migration von
    programmierten Salesforce Classic Logiken auf Salesforce Lightning Technologie (Attachments zu

  • Optimierung und Weiterentwicklung eines bereits bestehenden Systems

Die Ausgangssituation
Adva Optical Networking SE hatte Salesforce bereits seit vielen Jahren im Einsatz und hat viele eigene Prozesse sowie Integrationen aufgebaut. Durch diese Ansammlung an bereits bestehenden Logiken müssen neue Prozesse darauf abgestimmt werden. Hierfür ist ein extrem gutes Verständnis der Salesforce Plattform und Architektur unabdingbar. Neue Prozesse sollten eingeführt werden, ohne bereits Bestehende negativ zu beeinflussen. Auch sollten veraltete Lösungen auf die neuesten Technologien gebracht werden.
Unser Lösungsansatz
Wir unterstützten unseren Kunden bei der Lösungsfindung, Konzeption und Implementierung weit über die Salesforce Standards hinaus. Ziel der vielen Implementierungen ist es, die unterschiedlichen Salesforce Technologien so zu nutzen, dass wartungsarme und zukunftsorientierte Lösungen umgesetzt werden konnten. Somit war es möglich den Arbeitsaufwand in unterschiedlichen Bereichen (von HR bis Service) zu automatisieren und auf eine Plattform zu bringen (Salesforce).
Eingesetzte Salesforce CLOUDS, Third-Party-Tools & Integrationen
Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Tableau, Einstein Analytics, CPQ

We’ve hired Artemis Innovations GmbH to develop a logic for analyzing & segmenting opportunity products based on certain criteria in an environment that is already highly busy with other processes, workflows & logics. Consequently, we were in need of a solution that would not only achieve the actual aim, but also fit into our existing circumstances without disrupting other processes of our Sales Cloud. Our partner did an excellent job of analyzing the existing structures & adding the new logic to them without impacting other automations. In addition they have shown us ideas for improvement of our application in terms of stability & future proof design which we highly appreciate. We would like to thank Artemis Innovations GmbH for providing results at an incredible pace, for looking at the “bigger picture” and for their outstanding commitment.“

FireStart Logo

Fire Start

FireStart is a provider of a business process management suite that enables companies to make their workflows more efficient.

Cloud solutions deployed

  • Sales Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Zendesk Integration
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FireStart Logo

Erfolgsgeschichte mit FireStart

In zwei Wochen zum
Single Point of Truth

FireStart ist Anbieter einer Business Process Management Suite, mit der Unternehmen ihre täglichen Arbeitsabläufe effizienter und strukturierter gestalten können. Durch eine Kombination aus Prozess- und Workflowmanagement hilft FireStart bei der nachhaltigen Digitalisierung und Automatisierung von Geschäftsprozessen.
  • Professional Services (SaaS)

  • Fragmentierte Software-Insellösungen

  • Vollständige Abbildung der Customer Journey in Salesforce mit Pardot und Sales Cloud

  • Neukundenakquise, Kundenbindung und Zusammenarbeit mit Partnern in einem System

Die Ausgangssituation

Vor der Salesforce Implementierung hatte FireStart eine fragmentierte Softwarelandschaft, sodass Geschäftsprozesse nicht vollständig abgebildet wurden. Für den Versand der Newsletter wurde Mailchimp verwendet, eine andere Software verwaltete die Kundendaten, Sales Prozesse wurden in Trello getrackt und der Service Support wurde ebenfalls in einem separaten System durchgeführt. Dazu gab es keinen zentralen Ort zum Speichern relevanter Kundenaktivitäten.

Mit der Einführung der Sales Cloud und Pardot sollte eine zentrale Plattform geschaffen werden, die alle relevanten Aktivitäten entlang des Customer Journeys abbildet und ein ganzheitliches Kundenerlebnis ermöglicht.

Prozesse laufen optimal wie Zahnräder durch Salesforce Consulting
Unser Lösungsansatz
Im Rahmen unseres Projektes haben wir gemeinsam mit FireStart in nur zwei Wochen eine cloudbasierte Plattform geschaffen. Dabei haben wir unsere Salesforce Expertise genutzt, um die Software optimal an die Bedürfnisse von FireStart anzupassen und die Kunden- und Partnerprozesse vollständig abzubilden. Darüber hinaus haben wir das Unternehmen bei der Einführung der MEDDIC Methode unterstützt, sodass die Sales Manager nun objektiv die Sales Wahrscheinlichkeit ihrer Opportunities einschätzen können und damit die Qualität des Forecastings erhöhen.
Eingesetzte Salesforce CLOUDS
Für die vollständige Abbildung des Customer Journeys in Salesforce wurden Pardot und die Sales Cloud implementiert. Zudem wurde die Service Software Zendesk integriert, sodass alle Tickets des Support Teams als Kundenvorgänge in Salesforce abgebildet werden.

Neukundenakquise, Kundenbindung und die Zusammenarbeit mit Partnern werden jetzt in einem einzigen System verwaltet. So kann FireStart erstmalig umfangreiche Datenanalysen durchführen und damit die individuelle Ansprache sowie Kundenbetreuung deutlich verbessern.

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