Salesforce for the IT & High-Tech Industry

Transform your IT and high-tech industry with Salesforce

Challenge for the IT & high-tech industry

Salesforce for the IT and high-tech industry

Digitization has permanently changed communication with customers. We make you present on all relevant channels capable of acting faster.

Challenge for IT and high-tech companies

As the nuclei of digitization, IT and high-tech companies today have to respond faster and more precisely to market and customer requirements than ever before.

Companies that produce outstanding IT and high-tech products need to be much closer to the market and their customers in research and development than companies in other industries. IoT, AI, agile software development: The challenges facing IT companies are immense. As is well known, no other product genre has similarly short lifecycles as software or high-tech products. A CRM system based on Salesforce guarantees that there is always a “hot line” to customers and business partners. The relevant information that is communicated on a daily basis, both internally and externally, is available across the company, transparently and clearly structured in real time. This enables lightning-fast reactions to customer inquiries, market turbulence or opportunities that suddenly arise.

Salesforce - intelligently networked for product development, purchasing, marketing and sales

With Salesforce, product development, purchasing, marketing and, of course, sales are intelligently networked. Information is available for any purpose in such a way that it can be used immediately. Whether it’s for a last-minute product change, far-sighted purchasing, addressing a new target group, or creating a quote at lightning speed.
Salesforce consolidates information in a secure cloud in such a way that it is tailored to the needs of each department, thereby noticeably increasing the effectiveness of collaboration. Employees in all departments have significantly more time to concentrate on their core tasks. And last but not least, the corporate culture changes positively, since thanks to CRM all employees have access to the company’s own knowledge – and enrich it with their knowledge.
With Salesforce, any IT or high-tech company picks up speed. Smart customer approach, supported from all departments.

Availability of relevant knowledge

The access of all employees to content in a clearly structured cloud results in a genuine transfer of knowledge within the company. In this way, decisions can be made faster, more soundly and in a way that is comprehensible to all.

Smart customer approach

Customers today expect very short response times when they have questions or ask for solutions. With Salesforce, these inquiries can be answered measurably faster, more competently, and in a more targeted manner.

Development on the pulse of time

IT and high-tech companies in particular have to constantly increase their speed in order to keep up with the market. Precise knowledge of the customers' real needs increases precision and the hit rate.

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The Salesforce Products

Our cloud recommendations for the IT and high-tech sector

Even if you are already a Salesforce user, we can offer you attractive extensions or further modules for your CRM. We specialize in working with you to find exactly the solution you need for the challenges that the market is constantly creating. We can show you numerous examples of how our clients have become more profitable and successful thanks to a solution that is precisely tailored to their needs. Let’s get into a conversation with each other.

Automate your sales activities

The IT sector is one of the most difficult business areas in which you have to work with many different parties. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be especially smart in this industry. This is why you use Sales Cloud from Salesforce With Sales Cloud, you have all the information you need to move between customers and partners, regardless of location. On the other hand, Sales Cloud also tries to create automatic actions.

Benefit from lead, contact and opportunity management. Close more deals and increase your productivity. Thanks to the reports and dashboards, you can keep track of your data. In particular, it’s also about having real-time access to your data and business transactions on your laptop or computer, so you can stay on top of things when talking to customers or partners.

Service with depth

Personalized customer care increases customer satisfaction – turn your customers into fans with impeccable service with a wow effect. For questions and issues around your services, Service Cloud lets you set up a personalized customer service experience that integrates seamlessly with multiple channels such as phone, email, or SMS.

If the sales department needs information on a specific service case, they can view it under the contact in the Sales Cloud and get an idea of the challenges customers have faced recently. In this way, Sales Cloud puts the customer at the center of all interactions!

Customized B2B customer interactions

Integrate sales, service, marketing and IT data from across your organization on a single IT platform to develop intelligent and personalized ways to engage with your B2B customers worldwide – for example, through webinars! Your B2B customers are at the center of everything you do because the integrated services and API are seamlessly connected to the CRM.

With Pardot you can determine when and based on which interactions which emails are sent personalized. This is made possible by “email journeys,” which are essentially personalized paths that determine which emails are sent when and based on which interactions. With the link to your website, you can also identify and qualify potential B2B customers at an early stage.

Digital quotation and invoicing

Proactively and automatically create the right quotes in your design: The diversity of technical products, software and services is also reflected in a complex quotation and accounting system. This complexity is also reflected in the time and errors involved in creating your proposals. Say goodbye to complex issues and save time and errors with the Configure Price Quote Salesforce CPQ and CPQ Billing solution.

The software guides your employees through the entire quotation process, from selecting various additional services, discounts and more, to creating and sending the document. Finally, the CPQ Billing add-on can also automate the invoicing process and thus avoid further errors

Identify opportunities immediately at any time

Tableau CRM is a tool that unlocks the potential of your data and analyzes the behavior of your customers. This means you are always one step ahead. IT and technology companies not only need to rethink their digital services, but also leverage the latest technologies internally.

Tableau CRM provides you with a platform to fully leverage the potential of artificial intelligence, including early trend detection and the use of pre-built analytics. Artificial intelligence helps you intelligently extend the life of customer relationships by making data-driven decisions and using analytics intelligently. Making data-driven decisions has never been easier!

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