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We offer comprehensive support before, during and after the implementation of the Salesforce Service Cloud. Benefit from our many years of experience and the advantages that the use of the Salesforce Service Cloud brings to your company.

That's what we offer you and your company with the Salesforce Service Cloud:

  • a high level of experience and certification with our Salesforce CRM Consultants
  • many years of experience in the field of Customer Relationship Management & Marketing Automation
  • a high level of transparency and speed in the processing of individual orders
  • a highly professional technical realization and initial configuration of the Salesforce Service Cloud
  • the customized data enrichment and integration of the data
  • a constant and competent support during the whole process time
  • a distinctive expertise and professional competence of our employees
  • the individual support to achieve the specific company goals

A world-class service for your employees and customer satisfaction with the Salesforce Service Cloud

With the introduction of Salesforce ‘s customer-focused CRM system, many benefits emerge. With the increasing demands of all customer groups and growing competition, a high level of customer orientation is essential for the success of the company.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Creating competitive advantages with the help of optimized customer service

In the context of digitalization, the demands of customers have grown steadily and strongly. In addition to the required accessibility at all times, accessibility via the various channels is expected. In addition to telephone contact, all channels combined, such as live chats, self-service portals on the company’s own homepage or social networks, are up-to-date and increase customer loyalty.

With Salesforce Service Cloud, all channels can be combined and effectively linked. A fast and flexible service offers all customer groups the opportunity to communicate exactly where they want to.

With Salesforce Service Cloud, your employees will have a seamless customer relationship, regardless of the channels they demand. Standardization also allows requests to be answered regardless of the time requested, thus satisfying the customer.

For your employees, the introduction brings significant advantages, so that they can, for example. can take care of more complex requirements in a more concrete way.

The transformation from Customer Care to Customer Company thanks to the Salesforce Service Cloud

Crucial in today’s world and in the future will be the ability of companies with more complex customer relationships to provide a high level of self-service. If the customer can help himself with his concern, this optimizes your customer relations many times over.

By using Salesforce Service Cloud, requests to support can be resolved within seconds. The main focus is that your company with its individual requirements is in the center and generates benefits to ultimately increase sales in addition to employee and customer satisfaction.

With personalization of service, shortened response times, and other optional tools, employees can be supported to identify the problems and needs of all customers early and respond accordingly.

The benefits of the Salesforce Service Cloud

In particular, the continuity of excellent customer service is one of the key benefits of the Salesforce Service Cloud. Furthermore, the productivity of your employees is significantly increased.

With the ability to quickly process all transactions for each customer on a central medium, you satisfy employees and your customers. Due to the cloud technology, employees can immediately access the existing solutions and extensive knowledge and interact seamlessly with customers, even in the event of a substitution.

With the help of various analysis options, errors can be avoided and reflected much more transparently. Other benefits of the Salesforce Service Cloud include the ability to process across channels, the option to integrate a call center without interfaces, and the constant follow-up of customer-specific processes.

The advantages of the Salesforce Service Cloud at a glance

  • Thanks to the competitive advantages, you have an exact knowledge of the customers and the current market situation. With proactive support comes optimized and long-lasting customer loyalty and satisfaction. In addition, faster reactions to market events are possible.
  • By focusing on profitable customers, sales can be continuously increased. With more effective customer acquisition, cross-selling potential can also be exploited. Significantly higher success rates arise within direct marketing
  • Thanks to end-to-end processes and the reduction of administrative tasks, cost-cutting potential can be exploited. Unified activities in sales and more precise planning options for advertising and marketing also offer potential for cost reduction in these areas.

An outstanding customer service from anywhere and at any time

With comprehensive data on individual customer transactions on a central platform, Salesforce Service Cloud can be a game changer for your business. With a quick overview of all existing customer transactions, a 360-degree view is made possible.

Customers will thank you for answering or handling concerns much faster and with excellent service.

The implementation of various service cases can be used supportively to provide the best possible customer service in an automated manner. As customers will continue to be the highest asset in many industries, optimal shopping and customer experiences are critical to business success.


The Salesforce Service Cloud in demo video

Salesforce Service Cloud can be integrated with your existing solutions. For example, the introduction into an SAP ERP database or other systems is easily feasible due to the extensive possibilities. In order to ensure rapid introduction and adaptation, it makes sense and is recommended to use it in all company departments such as marketing, sales as well as service.

Due to the good and effective scalability, the introduction in large companies is excellent. Salesforce Service Cloud is also an ideal tool for medium-sized companies or start-ups with growing customer relationships to be able to offer your customers suitable solutions and excellent customer relationships. Watch the video below for important information and helpful hints about Salesforce Service Cloud.

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The special customer experience with Salesforce Service Cloud

Thanks to the intelligent, prompt and personalized service, customer loyalty is created with continuous and consistent quality. In the existing agent console, all customer inquiries reach your company, regardless of contact origin. In many companies without Salesforce Service Cloud, customers have to make multiple requests through different channels because sometimes the response is too slow or different. The central storage of all information, including customer history, offers an excellent opportunity to respond to customer requests in advance or with the help of targeted campaigns.

Thanks to the well-structured cockpit, which can be adjusted to the essential information, service staff can immediately view all relevant data. Due to the dynamic settings, company-specific desired representations are possible here.

Artificial Intelligence with the Einstein Chat Bot for the Salesforce Service Cloud

A chat bot service can be ideally combined with the Salesforce Service Cloud. In the process, automated processes and AI-powered functions are perfected, creating entirely new experiences for customers. Service maximization is realized through intelligent, customer-specific recommendations and real service offers. The Einstein bot is a live chat service for Salesforce. Thanks to this technology, the number of immediate customer feedbacks can be exorbitantly increased and qualitatively standardized. The decisive factor here is that your customer and company-specific wishes can be worked out and integrated together.

By answering standardized questions from customers in a targeted manner, your employees are significantly relieved of the burden of dealing with standard issues that arise frequently. Thanks to the initial collection of essential information, the subsequent customer approach can be more targeted and optimally prepared.

According to the customer’s individual settings, the chat bots can forward needs-based requests directly to the free or most suitable employee. Using machine learning and natural language processing, chat bots get smarter over time with each customer request, allowing you to successively optimize your customer experience.

With the help of Salesforce Artificial Intelligence, automation and digitization can be significantly increased. Service processes that occur en masse can be handled by the chat bot to reduce the workload for employees, so that the quality of service provided by employees can also be increased. Time-consuming administrative tasks are eliminated, allowing employees to focus on more complex issues and the customers that really drive revenue.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the processing of customer inquiries can not only be accelerated, but also takes place with an increased quality.

Service support through the Einstein Bots

In particular, the expectation of customers to receive quick feedback regarding their own inquiry at any time of the day or night has significantly accelerated the introduction and development of chat bots in many companies.

To comply with modern customer service, companies can be tremendously relieved thanks to Salesforce’s Einstein bot. With the help of the chat bot, the company can handle the majority of customer concerns directly and live from the Salesforce Service Cloud.

The customer’s preferred channel can be operated, so that replies can be sent via SMS, mobile apps or any messenger services.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and benefit from the Salesforce Service Cloud

With more than 100 completed integrations of CRM systems and cooperation with experienced and certified consultants, we offer you comprehensive and complex consulting and implementation. We will provide you with valuable practical information and support to help you achieve your individual business goals.

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