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ERP-System SAP integriert mit Salesforce

Benefit from Salesforce SAP Integration

Is it important to you and your company to process the valuable data from the SAP system directly in the CRM system? Data exchange between both systems significantly increases productivity and quality within your company. Take advantage of the synergy effects from a seamless and convenient data exchange with Salesforce SAP Integration.

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What requirements do we offer as part of the Salesforce SAP integration?

The Salesforce SAP integration as batch or bidirectional synchronization.

The launch of Salesforce SAP Integration – The exchange of data between Salesforce and SAP

In most companies that use cloud-based solutions from Salesforce for sales, marketing and service, ERP systems exist in terms of administration. In many cases, these are SAP.

In this constellation, it is necessary to fill both systems with data and maintain them. The SAP databases contain a wide range of data, such as the following operational, financial and personnel-related processes are managed. In most companies, the ERP system serves as a central database that all employees can access with different authorizations.


Salesforce’s CRM application is often thought of as a transactional database. In the process, employees store information and data from sales activities, such as the following Sales calls and customer visits within the CRM system. In this type of application, information can be transferred directly into the system and customers can also place orders through the software, depending on the specific software. In addition, customers can realize the management of their customer account on the user side.

With the help of Salesforce SAP Integration, it is possible to dovetail and exchange various data from the SAP ERP system and Salesforce’s customer relationship management applications. The transfer can take place immediately, i.e. in real time, or via a night job in batch mode. This technology ensures that employees have the fastest possible access to data and information in both systems. Thanks to the Salesforce SAP integration, administrative tasks are significantly reduced. The input of data and information no longer has to be realized twice. Thus, the management of the data is significantly simplified. Another aspect is the possibility that processes can be used across the boundaries of the different applications.

The existing gap between SAP and Salesforce can be bridged and closed thanks to Salesforce SAP Integration. To realize this optimization, it is necessary to integrate the processes and data of the cloud application with SAP’s existing data landscape. With this customization, all processes and data can be synchronized.

The options for Salesforce SAP integration

There are different possibilities and methods of integration. If the data and processes from SAP are to be integrated into Salesforce, it is necessary to consider some specific requirements. For this reason, we offer a data analysis of the SAP data before the Salesforce SAP integration takes place. Based on this analysis, the specific requirements and framework conditions relating to the Salesforce SAP integration can be recorded and taken into account. In addition, the analysis provides the basis for selecting the methodology used for Salesforce SAP integration. A distinction can be made between integration with the help of an interface or via so-called middleware to ensure central control of the data flow and communication between the systems.

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The integration and access of data from SAP with the help of Salesforce SAP Integration

All parties involved in the process, such as e.g. the employees, the customers and the partners, have very high expectations of the interface and the infrastructure provided. In many cases, the information should at best run synchronously between the two systems and update itself according to fixed parameters depending on data maintenance. The data from the ERP system is often highly relevant for sales, marketing and service. With data readily available, sales can work more effectively and build better customer relationships. As a result, sales can be increased and costs reduced. Within the Salesforce platform, the necessary functionalities are provided so that the desired data from the SAP system can be made available to the users and specialist departments.

In the age of digitalization and increasing customer demands, good data processing and quickly available information are essential for business success. With Salesforce SAP Integration, dovetailing and seamless transfer of data can be realized easily and securely.

By integrating the existing SAP system landscape into the Salesforce Cloud, you enable your employees to access all data regardless of their current location. Transaction data and various transactions are also displayed immediately and transparently ready for access thanks to the Salesforce SAP integration. The existing and very secure APIs provide time-independent access to company-specific and -relevant data and information. With the transfer of data in real time from the SAP system, all relevant information from the back-office systems can thus be made available at the required point within specific objects in the Salesforce application. The technology used is an iPaas solution from our partner T-Systems.

Informatica’s Data Orchestration as a Service technology focuses on facilitating the integration of two disparate systems. Major advantages are the configuration via the administration interface of the Salesforce environment, which can be realized without development effort and at high speed.


Artemis Innovations helps you do this much more efficiently and effectively.

Our expertise and knowledge assures you and your company of an easy and secure Salesforce SAP integration. The benefits of integrating CRM platforms with SAP systems are many and highly relevant for any company.
Salesforce SAP integration is secure, simple and transparent due to various options. With the integration, company-specific parameters can be taken into account and implemented. With the help of the various business applications, the competitive requirements can be specified and considered separately. The use of Salesforce SAP Integration creates competitive advantages in all markets, for example. through a more targeted customer approach, the optimization of customer loyalty or the use of cross-selling offers. The entire market can be covered in a more customer-friendly, faster and higher quality manner with a focus on higher sales.

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The Salesforce SAP integration - simple and secure

To the extent that there has been no Salesforce SAP integration to date, employees will gain a 360-degree view of customers and customer relationships with all available information. This applies in particular to the areas of marketing, service and sales, although in principle all areas of the company benefit from the Salesforce SAP integration. Once the Salesforce SAP Integration is initially set up and configured based on your company’s individual requirements, ongoing maintenance and further development of the data synchronization can be easily and steadily implemented. With Salesforce SAP Integration, even exorbitantly large volumes of data can be mapped securely and quickly. The data sets can be transferred in real time. It is also possible to completely integrate the interface from SAP into Salesforce. Reverse integration is also feasible. With these options, users have the feeling that they only have to work on one database. Unnecessary duplication of work can be avoided and the data continues to exist transparently and synchronously on both systems. In addition to the exchange of data, it is also possible to map complex processes from the respective SAP system in Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration mit SAP
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The benefits of Salesforce SAP integration

Thanks to communication on both levels and real-time synchronization of individual and large data sets, using Salesforce SAP Integration offers many advantages. In addition, the web services can be expanded and further developed at any time. In addition to company-specific benefits, the following additional benefits are available:

Once a company has chosen Salesforce as its CRM solution, another question inevitably arises. How can I link my existing landscape to this cloud solution? “

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Thanks to our high level of expertise and our many years of experience, we are the ideal partner for a targeted Salesforce SAP integration. Our expertise ensures a well-designed and customized Salesforce SAP integration to achieve your business goals, with a focus on customer and employee satisfaction.


Frequently asked questions:

A connection with a common ERP system, such as SAP, is no problem at all.

The implementation phase depends on the scope of the desired modules.

This is not a problem at all. We can perform a data migration so that your existing data is imported as well.

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