Salesforce announces TikTok advertising integration

As people spend more time on TikTok, brands are discovering new ways to engage consumers with relevant ads and experiences. Salesforce can now help with that. The company announced a new TikTok integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform (CDP) at its Connections 2022 conference in Chicago last week.

Salesforce users can now set up and launch TikTok ads in Commerce Cloud. However, the real power of this TikTok integration lies in the connection between Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud CDP. At Connections, Salesforce demonstrated this seamless connection. The innovation is that brands can now better activate CDP audience segments without leaving Salesforce’s platforms. To illustrate, using CDP, a brand can identify a customer segment (e.g., loyal customers, high-value customers, lapsed customers) and then target personalized TikTok ads to that segment, seamlessly in Salesforce. In addition, brands can visualize and report on TikTok ad performance (conversions, spend, ROI) with Tableau.

With advertising integrations like TikTok, Salesforce helps brands deliver more holistic end-to-end advertising and onsite commerce experiences, all based on customer data from the CDP.

We see CDP as a foundational technology to deliver more relevant and personalized experiences across all channels. The CDP enables brands to create complete and accurate audience profiles by collecting, harmonizing and merging customer identities into a single customer view. This gives us contextual insights into customer data to gain new insights and understand cross-channel behaviors to guide customers on their journey from unknown to known, engaged, converted, and loyal. The key then lies in activating this customer data for media or content channels.

With TikTok specifically, Salesforce is making it easier for brands to not only better understand their customers through CDP, but also to activate that understanding through more relevant or timely TikTok ads.

Need help implementing Salesforce CDP and enabling customer insights across channels like TikTok and beyond? Let’s have a conversation.

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