Salesforce Einstein Voice

Enhance Your Salesforce Experience with Einstein Voice Assistant

The power of voice control has reached Salesforce, enhancing the cloud platform’s accessibility and efficiency. At Dreamforce 2019 in San Francisco, Salesforce unveiled the „Einstein Voice Assistant,“ a voice-activated AI designed to streamline interactions within its CRM platform.

Enhanced Productivity with Voice Control

Salesforce users can now control various applications through voice commands using the Einstein Voice Assistant, which is compatible with popular voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. This integration is accessible through standard devices and utilizes natural language processing to intelligently filter information and perform tasks. This breakthrough enables more efficient operations for Salesforce users and offers enhanced service capabilities to customers.

Applications and Benefits of Einstein Voice Assistant

Field technicians, for instance, can verbally request the latest repair data for a specific customer, access briefings, make updates, and open dashboards. Sales personnel can vocally review their reports, update deals, and receive suggestions for their next actions.

Einstein AI: Transforming Call Centers with Real-time Transcription and Analytics

Beyond voice control, Salesforce has incorporated real-time transcription and analytics into its platform, utilizing natural language processing to empower call center agents with AI-supported solutions during customer calls. These features help agents access actionable recommendations instantly, improving customer interactions by integrating phone calls into the Salesforce Cloud. This unified environment merges telephony, digital channels, and CRM data, offering a seamless operational flow.

Voice AI Capabilities in Contact Centers

The focus on automating customer interactions in call centers through AI and voice recognition extends to providing agents with pre-defined resources during calls and AI-driven recommendations based on conversation transcripts. Virtual agents can handle inquiries via voice or text, or direct calls to specific personnel.

Furthermore, the „Einstein Call Coaching“ feature automatically transcribes significant parts of conversations, alerting team leaders about discussions related to offers, competitors, or pricing. These insights enable targeted training for sales teams to enhance their performance.

Customize Your Voice-Driven Apps with Einstein Voice Apps

Link your Salesforce data with the Einstein Voice Assistant to craft personalized voice applications using the „Einstein Voice Apps.“ This tool allows users to integrate their data with voice capabilities and develop custom voice apps that support various CRM actions through verbal commands. These apps can perform tasks like updating customer data or issuing voice-based predictions, and they can be customized to interact through specific devices like Alexa or other smart speakers, allowing for industry-specific voice solutions.

Discover More About Einstein Voice Assistant

Explore the potential of CRM AI and the Einstein Voice Assistant for your business. Experience firsthand how voice-controlled AI can revolutionize your customer interactions and operational efficiency. Our team is ready to assist and demonstrate how you can integrate Salesforce Einstein effectively into your business strategy.


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